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I know it's a weird time to ask but...

Does anyone have a need for blank Christmas cards?

more soap stuff

Tell me this isn't the cutest thing EVER.

cleaning product demo

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If you have any more questions ask, but I'm screening my comments. I should have most addresses, but some of you guys move practically everytime I change my underwear and I might not have it. Haha. :)

who knew Kentucky could be so...civilized?

Argentine Bean We didn't have tapas or anything there, but we had some yummy, yummy coffee drinks there and some really lovely desserts. The ambiance is really nice, but consider that we were in around 3 pm on a weekday. (If you didn't know, decible level is a huge issue with me. I'm surprised so many of these "romantic" places in the Chicago area are so horribly noisy.)

Reality Tuesday Cafe I know I talk about it a lot, but a co worker and I were in at the inception of the place and talked to Traci when they were just setting up and everything. Alex used to live within a few minutes of the place, and it was open kinda late. He did open mikes there and Alyssa made lots of friends as a toddler. One of the biggest selling points of this place is Bill's cheesecake. It's phenomenal. ;)

The Pub I'm really sad this place doesn't have more pictures. All kinds of beer and ale and I surprised myself by actually liking some of the ale. Also, home of the kilt clad waiter. The last night we were there, we drank too much to the point of not being able to go to Graeter's, which made me particularly upset, since we only arrived there 15 minutes after they closed. :( Fear not, they sell Graeter's ice cream in grocery stores--but you completely miss walking into a Graeter's and getting that ice cream shop smell in your nose.

Alyssa's friend Cameron came over.

Alyssa: Want to see what my dad likes to watch? It's Led Zeppelin. This guy bit a head off a bat.

Me: That wasn't Led Zeppelin.

Alyssa: Who was it then?

Me: Ozzy Osbourne.

Alyssa: Oh.

However, I have a problem with not being patient enough to learn chords and all that jazz. ;)