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I am many things, none of which you might expect.

I am a married mom of two kids, a boy and girl, age 3 and 8.
I birthed my last baby at home, and believe that nursing is best without exception. I don't believe in altering babies without their consent (i.e. circumcision or ear piercing). If you want to argue about it, it's unlikely you'll win.
I am Christian.
I am a Queen fan. A big one.
I am also pro-life. I believe in the choice to not have sex and I believe in the choice to use birth control. Conversely, and of course, I always push for better knowledge about birth control and better, safer, and more effective methods.

I am also pro-soldier but anti-war. Not a big fan of the President.

I will friend you if you don't agree with me on all things, as long as you respect what I believe, and I will give you the same respect. I'm sick of filters, honestly.

Please do not add me unless you comment. I have had quite a few adds that I don't understand and I do not intend on friending back.

If I have met you in a community, more than likely I will friend you.
If you are a friend of a friend, more than likely I will friend you.
If you are brousing through and say Hi I will say Hi back. :)

I'm not here anymore. I won't tell you where I am either. Sorry. If you are still curious about who I am, check out my fun and merriment at my myspace page.
abba, aimee mann, ale-8, alex, alpha, alyssa, amaretto, anne taintor, anti-circ, archie mcphee, avon, babies, being affectionate, being crushed, bellydancing, betsy ross, black adder, blondie, brett butler, brian may, british comedies, burt's bees, charlie and lola, chasing amy, chicago, christianity, concrete blonde, cooking, courtship rituals, crochet, crocheting, cyndi lauper, daschel, deal or no deal, debbie harry, divinyls, dr. seuss, dream for an insomniac, ebay, extended nursing, fabric, fannie flagg, farmer's almanac, farmer's market, fishnets, food, food network, free speech, free speech radio, frida, fried green tomatoes, gas food lodging, giada de laurentiis, god, grace under fire, graeter's, h&m, hal sparks, hating formula, hating iud's, hats, home births, home improvement, hot space, howie mandel, hugs, innuendo, inside jokes, ione skye, italian food, jane wiedlin, jesus, john corbett, jones soda, kitsch, la leche league, lemonheads, lindsey buckingham, lucid dreaming, mac cosmetics, making informed decisions, mancow, mark, mars cheese castle, match game, moxibustion, mr. bean, mr. holland's opus, mulan, musk lifesavers, my alterego, my so-called life, naps, natural childbirth, nina gordon, northern exposure, northern kentucky, novelties, nursing, olfactory hallucinations, pat benatar, pippi longstocking, poison rings, polar fleece, pop rocks, pregnancy, pro-life, procrastinating, q+pr, queen, ramen noodles, random acts of kindness, reading, reality tuesday cafe, renaissance festivals, rocky horror, roger taylor, roger taylor in drag, rowan atkinson, salma hayek, seasonal affective disorder, sewing, sewing machine, sifl & olly, sleeping on the sidewalk, soapmaking, sophie b. hawkins, surreal life 6, taran noah smith, tattoos, tb, the bible, the south, thrift shops, thyroid, time travel, toe socks, turkish coffee, tye macke, tyler florence, unmedicated birth, velvet, victor borge, violet mints, wedding receptions, wigs, women deserve better, writing, yarn, you

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